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September 26, 1994

Mission Statement 

The Mission of the Moultonborough Historical Society is to preserve the history and character of the Town of Moultonborough, to share our buildings, collections, and resources with the community though research, exhibitions, and educational programs, and to inspire our members and  future generations to appreciate our rich heritage.

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2016 Season Homepage

During the next couple of months we will be getting our website ready for the 2016 season. This page will be replaced with a new page. But don't worry, we will be keeping most of the  2013, 2014, and 2015 homepages so that you can see what happened here in years past.

Here is the link to the 2013, 2014, and 2015 MHS Homepages




Moultonborough Historical Society 2016 Season

We will be opening the Lamprey House Museum this year on  Friday June 3rd.

The Museum will be open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10:00am to 4:00pm. We are working on many new projects for the 2016 season so drop on by and check it out.


Annie and the Orphins Dinner Dance

Use our secure PayPal Account to purchase your tickets to the "Annie & the Orphans" Dinner/Dance.
Pay for your tickets today and they will be waiting for you at the door. Just bring a copy of your PayPal receipt.

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Annie and the Orphans Sponsores

Moultonborough was granted in 1763 and incorporated in 1777.

The Town House was built in 1834 and Town Meetings
were held in it from 1835 to 1949.

"A Minor War History
 Compiled From a Soldier Boy's Letters to the Girl I Left Behind Me

Click Here
to download the PDF file so that you can read the book.

The Soldier Boy - Martin A. Haynes

Company I, Second New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry

"The Girl I Left Behind Me" - Cornelia T. Lane

Now and for more than Fifty Years the Wife of the Soldier Boy



1 9 1 6

Girl I Left Behind



The History of the

Moultonborough Lions Club
by Mark Cotrupi & John Menken
Moultonboro Lions Club

The Moultonborough Historical Society and I would like to Thank You for a very interesting and enjoyable program. We learned quite a few things about the Lions. We didn't realize that the Lions had been around so long.

Mark Cotrupi

Mark Cotrupi

If you would like to watch the complete program on "The History of the Moultonborough Lions Club" just click on the box below.

New Books Added To Our Research Page

A history of the Second regiment, New Hampshire volunteer infantry, in the war of the rebellion (1896).pdf
NEW 7/17/2016

A history of the Fifth Regiment, New Hampshire Volunteers, in the American Civil War, 1861-1865 (1893).pdf
NEW 7/17/2016

A history of the Eighth Regiment of New Hampshire Volunteers, including its service as infantry, Second N. H. Cavalry, and .pdf
NEW 7/17/2016

A history of the Eleventh New Hampshire Regiment, Volunteer Infantry in the rebellion war, 1861-1865 (1891).pdf
NEW 7/17/2016

 1959 Country Fare Inn Menu

 - A Cozy Inn -

Alice and Parker Kimball

 Thank you Allan Howard

Follow the link below to see the full menu.

1959 Country Fare Inn Menu

Country Fare Inn MenuCountry Fare Inn


November Program

Honoring Our Veterans - Pot Luck Dinner

Annual Tribute to Our Veteran's
Pot Luck Supper

Our Honoring Our Veteran - Potluck Dinner.

Lots of great food and stories from our Veterans.

We would like to thank everyone who helped to make this years Potluck Dinner a huge success. Here are a couple of pictures from the evening.

We started the evening off with lots of food for our Veteran's and their guests. Moultonborough Historical Society
Moultonborough Historical Society Everyone enjoying their meal.....
Our Society President, Kathy Garry opened the program with a short business meeting.
Bruce Garry presenting the Moultonborough Historical Society with a flag that was originally given to William Depuy.
  William Depuy Flag - Moultonborough Historical Society
Operation New Dawn - Moultonborough Historical Society "Operation New Dawn"
United States Forces - Iraq
This is to Certify That This
Flag of the United States of America
was Proudly Floiwn
Over Camp Blue Diamond. Cob Basra, Iraq.
In Honor of
William N. Depuy
9 - 17 May
Two Thousand Eleven
Bruce Garry's Presentation on the "Tour of Honor" trips that he has taken over the years. Tour of Honor
Bruce's 2015 ""Trail of the Madonna" Tour.

See some pictures from last years Pot Luck Dinner. Follow the link below.


2rd Annual Lasagna Cook-off

A Great Time For All

Lasagna Cook-off 2015

Mary, Meca, & Tracey
Setting up for the Cook-Off.
Moultonborough Historical Society
Moultonborough Historical Society Amanda from the NEW Center Harbor Diner helping us out in the kitchen. With help from Meca Atkinson.
Amanda starts dishing out the Lasagna's so that the judging can begin. Moultonborough Historical Society
Moultonborough Historical Society  Meca Atkinson getting ready to bring the first batch of lasagna out to the judges. 
Mary Lamprey Bare brings the lasagna samples out to the judges.  Moultonborough Historical Society 
Moultonborough Historical Society  Looks like a full house for the 2015 Lasagna Cook-Off. 
The Grand Prize Winner.  Moultonborough Historical Society 
Moultonborough Historical Society  Our Second Place winner.
 Briana Hanmer
We had lots of happy winners for our raffles and door prizes.  Moultonborough Historical Society 
Moultonborough Historical Society  A happy winner of the 50/50 drawing. 
Always nice to see the all of the happy faces.  Moultonborough Historical Society 
Moultonborough Historical Society  We had a lot of wonderful desserts at the Cook-Off. Thank you Deb Taylor for this beautiful cake.  

Lasagna Cook-Off 2015 - Time Laps Video

Watch the whole evening of the 2015 Lasagna Cook-Off in just 11 minutes. From setting up, to the judging, dinner, dessert, and then the clean up. Watch it all in just 11 minutes.

Filmed for the Moultonborough Historical Society by Meca & Norman Atkinson

Moultonborough Historical Society

This webcam uploads a new image every 15 seconds. Hit the refresh button to view a new image. If at first there is no image just REFRESH again.

We are currently in TEST mode so if there is no image please be patient. We'll be working out the bugs. We have found that the camera freezes in the cold. anything below zero and it needs to be warmed up to work. Thank You.

The webcam is currently located in the front room of the Lamprey House Museum but we will be moving it around to view different areas and views of our Complex here at the Moultonborough Historical Society.

Please let us know about your favorite spots by emailing us at: Webmaster@MoultonboroughHistory.org.

Click on the link below to go to our Webcam Page

Lamprey House Museum Webcam

Webcam Uploaded Picture 

Webcam Provided by Meca and Norman Atkinson.

Thank You For a Wonderful August Program

At the Moultonborough Lions Club.

"Stone Walls"

Presented by Kevin Gardner
Kevin Gardner - Granite Kiss

We would like to thank Mr. Gardner for a wonderful presentation at the Moultonborough Lion's Club. We had a good turnout ended up with a whole new outlook on New England stonewalls.

About Mr. Gardner

"Author Kevin Gardner describes the granite kiss as "that inevitable experience in stone work when a fingertip or two fails to escape the contact point between two large stones on the occasion of their first meeting." In this elegant, literate primer on the fundamentals of building with stone, Gardner distills 30 years of experience in building, restoring, and repairing traditional New England-style dry stone walls into principles and practices that are adaptable to a wide variety of designs and circumstances.

Gardner addresses the inherent design challenges that arise when working with the typical rounded, hard-to-use fieldstone of New England; gives valuable advice on acquiring materials, preparing the site, and laying out a footing; outlines the basic principles of constructing single-, double-faced, and retaining walls; and reveals how to build walks, patios, planters, ramps, foundations, wells, steps, corners, pillars, and stiles. He considers the mythology of the stone wall and its place in the New England imagination: why we revere the miles of old farm walls that wander through our woods and fields, and why we are driven to preserve, restore, and duplicate them.

The Granite Kiss explores the history, aesthetics, and philosophy of working with stone in a book that will bring as much pleasure to armchair craftsmen as it will valuable instruction to the beginning wall builder."

From Countryman Press          

You can order Mr. Gardner's book on the Countryman website.

"The Granite Kiss"

Kevin Gardner - Granite Kiss

Kevin Gardner building a mini stonewall while giving his presentation.

Kevin Gardner and Meca Atkinson - Autographed copy

Meca Atkinson getting an autographed copy of
 Kevin Gardner's book, "Granite Kiss".



We have added a number of new pages to our "Articles & Tidbits" and "Research" pages.

Here are a few of the new pages.

Bet You Didn't Know Who Redding Lane
 is Named For!

By Jane Rice
NEW 8/15/2015

Moultonborough Town Reports
PDF Files
NEW 8/15/2015

A History of Long Island

by Jane Rice - December 2004

NEW 8/1/2015

Historical Research – Granite State News 1887 – November 2000

by Jane Rice

NEW 8/2/2015

A Bear Story from 1792

by Jane Rice

NEW 8/2/2015

Old Boarding Houses In Moultonborough – February 2001

by Jane Rice

NEW 8/2/2015

Moultonborough History – Old Newspaper Research – February 2001
by Jane Rice
NEW 8/2/2015

Seneca Jones and Roxmont Poultry Farm

September 2002

by Leah Heal

Our “Society” - A History
by Atty. Keith Nelson
This was Keith’s presentation given at the monthly meeting, April 8, 2002
NEW 8/9/2015

Early Moultonborough History - The First Town Meeting - April 2003
By Jane Rice
NEW 8/9/2015

A Little Controversy in Moultonborough
by Jane Rice
April 2003

NEW 8/9/2015


Moultonborough Historical Society



June 3rd - Early October.

 Meca and I hope to see you here next season.

Meca and Norman Atkinson at the Moultonborough Historical Society

Norman & Meca Atkinson

Please check out out website here form time to time and see what is going on.  Join us on Facebook as we will continue to add new photographs and articles thought out the winter.

Meca, Norm, and the Moultonborough Historical Society would like to Thank everyone for a great 2015 Season. We started many new projects and met many new friends.

We are looking forward to a new and even better season for 2016.

Hope to see you here........


Help Pave the Way!

Memorial Walkway Brick Fundraiser


Moultonborough Historical Society Brick


New Bricks have arrived - Moultonborough Historical Society


Join us in raising funds to help pay for renovation and improvements at our museum complex while creating a lasting memory at the same time!  Buy a brick to commemorate an event, honor a family member, advertise your business, or memorialize a loved one.  Join in our community effort to continue to preserve the history of Moultonborough. The bricks will be incorporated into the landscaping and walkways around the Lamprey House Museum and by participating in our project you will help us acknowledge members and friends of our unique and special community.


Proposed Plan for the Garden and Walkway.



The bricks will be placed in the walkways around the MHS Complex and in our soon to be built Memorial Garden.



On Monday August 11th right before our August Program we placed our first brick in one of our walkways. Overseeing the event were Kathy Garry, President of the Moultonborough Historical Society and Mary Lamprey Bare, (Past President and currant Executive Board Member.

We would also like to thank Ken Burbank of Perfection Stoneworks from here in Moultonborough for volunteering his time to place the bricks for us. We currently have 12 more bricks to place with about 8 more on order.

Please use the online shopping cart or the printable form to order your Memory Bricks today.

Mary Lamprey Bare, Kathy Garry, and Ken Burbank of
Perfection Stoneworks.

 Meca Atkinson and Ken Burbank

Meca Atkinson helping Mr. Burbank preparing the hole for the first brick.

First Brick - Amy Mae Shaw Atkinson


Bricks are $75.00 each

You can also order an exact copy of your walkway brick, for yourself, for just $30.00 more.



You can now Order, Design, and pay for your Memorial Bricks online right here on our website.



Download the PDF order form Here: Order Form

Online Ordering Page - Click Here


Moultonborough Historical Society

PO Box 659

  Moultonborough, NH  03254


If you need further information, please contact us at: Webmadster@MoultonboroughHistory.org


Thank you for your support!

New Research Books Online

History of Carroll County, New Hampshire (1889) PDF

New 5/8/2015

The Town Register - Ashland, Plymouth, Sandwich, Campton, Holderness, Center Harbor, Moultonboro, 1908
NEW 5/11/2015

Check out our "Research Page"

A lot more information coming this season.....

MHS Kids Corner with Meca

New Video Series - "Moultonborough History Minute"

Meca Atkinson's Kid's Corner

MHS Kids Corner with Meca - Webpage

Here is the introduction video to the new series of videos. We have already shot five new videos so keep a looks out for more to come.


3D Panoramic Photography Now at

Lamprey House Museum

We have started photographing some of our more interesting items in our collections in a new 3D panoramic style of photography. We will be bring you more and more items to our 3D collection. It is good to see that even though the Museum is closed for the winter things are still going on.

Once you open the picture file you can either watch it play or click on the picture and slowly spin the picture to view the item from all around.

This first 3D image is of the horse treadmill in the Emerson Barn here at the Lamprey House Museum.


MHS - Horse Treadmill w/ Flash by Mecasdad on Photosynth

We have just completed photographing our second 3D Panoramic Item.

This is a small antique doll house.

MHS - Small Dollhouse by Mecasdad on Photosynth


MHA Display case test ! by Mecasdad on Photosynth


Corp. Joseph F. Wentworth - Civil War Letters

Thank you Jane Rice for transcribing these letters.

We have just updated the Corp. Joseph F. Wentworth webpage with two letters the he wrote home during the Civil War.

Find out about the Civil War Corp. from Moultonborough who was killed at Gettysburg. just click on the link below.

Corp. Joseph F. Wentworth Webpage

Public Library Website

Sandwich Fair - Through the Years

Joan Cook's book

"Sandwich Fair Through the Years"

Order it today


Sandwich Fair Through the Years


By Joan Cook


1886 - 2010


Peter E. Randall Publisher 2011


$24.00  $5.00 S&H



Sandwich Fair by Joan Cook

Visit our online Book Store to order this
 and other books featuring local History.



Meca and I have the Hamke Room ready for the next Program.

We are looking for local people who would like to put on a program spotlighting their talents. For right now we are working on a Mini-Program featuring Basic metal detecting and research.

Please contact us at: Webmaster@MoultonboroughHistory.org if you would like to put on a Mini-Program or know of someone who would.

Moultonborough Historical Society

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We have just set-up an account with Historypin.

What is Historypin?

Historypin is a way for millions of people to come together, from across different generations, cultures and places, to share small glimpses of the past and to build up the huge story of human history.

Everyone has history to share: whether its sitting in yellowed albums in the attic, collected in piles of crackly tapes, conserved in the 1000s of archives all over the world or passed down in memories and old stories.

Each of these pieces of history finds a home on Historypin, where everyone has the chance to see it, add to it, learn from it, debate it and use it to build up a more complete understanding of the world.


See what We've pinned on Historypin

Seneca J. Jones - Dog Sled

This dog sled, was owned by Seneca J. Jones who lived here in Moultonborough. Mr. Jones owned the Roxmont Chicken Farm on Sheridan Road. He used the Sled to work trap lines near the Farm.
It is now on permanent display here in the Emerson Barn.



Seneca J Jones Dog Sled


Thank you Dick and George Plaisted for dropping it off and bringing it in the Emerson barn.


Roxmont Chicken Farm Ad - 1955


Roxmont Chicken Farm 1955



MHS Kids Corner with Meca

New Video - Moultonborough Woman's Club

No Bake Cookies by Robert Huston age 11 - 1972

Moultonborough Historical Society - Meca Atkinson

In this episode of Kids Corner Meca makes Oatmeal No Bake cookies from a 1972 cookbook printed by the Moultonborough Woman's Club. The recipe is from Robert Huston who was 11 years at the time. Meca also give a short history of the Moultonborough Woman's Club.
Thank you to the Moultonborough Woman's Club for helping to write the script and for some of the photographs.
Thank you also to Robert Huston for both the recipe and a special guest appearance.
Filmed, Directed, and edited by Meca and Norman Atkinson.

Moultonborough Historical Society
April 25th, 2014


Doing Some Research on Local History?

Check out our new RESEARCH PAGE with many searchable documents. It is a work in progress so check back often.


The Town Register Cover

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Moultonborough / Center Harbor

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Moultonborough Cemetery Records

New webpage added to our website. Click Here

We have just started to add these cemetery records to our website. We do offer a more complete record in the form of two books.
"The Cemetery Records of Moultonborough New Hampshire"
"The Cemetery Records of Moultonborough New Hampshire - First Supplement 1988-2003"
Both books are available for sale here on our website and at the Moultonborough Historical Society Museum.

The files below are
Downloadable PDF Files.

Moultonborough Graves of Special Interest

Moultonborough Cemeteries      as of 12/2003

Holland Hill Cemetery

Middle Neck Cemetery


The Claude Rains Grave Site in Moultonborough


 Of the Lamprey House, Middle Neck School House, and Old Moultonborough Town House

The software used is from Microsoft and is called Photosynth. You might need to download a small Microsoft program called Silverlight to view the picture in 3D.

Click on the picture and move your mouse to move around the room.


The HAMKE ROOM at the Lamprey House Museum




The Emerson Barn - Sept. 3. 2011

You can see even more Panoramas by clicking on our

Local Panoramas (Microsoft Photosynth)  Page.

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Moultonborough Public Library


The  Moultonborough Historical Society would like to thank the Moultonborough Public Library for co-sponsoring several of this year's programs. We also are grateful for the use of the meeting room for our spring & fall meetings!

Check out their website by clicking on the link below.


Public Library Website


The mission of the Moultonborough Historical Society is to:


• preserve the history and character of the Town of Moultonborough,

• share our buildings, collections and resources with the community through research, exhibitions and educational programs, and

• inspire our members and future generations to appreciate our rich heritage.
Betsy Ross

The Moultonborough Historical Society’s ongoing project is the Museum. This is the result of meticulous, concentrated attention to detail from a dedicated group of historic-minded individuals along with generous monetary contributions from our year-round residents and very generous property owners from around the country.



Old Moultonboro


Moultonborough was granted in 1763 and was incorporated on November 24, 1777. The town is nestled among the hills on the north side of Lake Winnipesaukee in Carroll County. Surrounded by the Ossipee Mountains and Red Hill, the area offers year-round scenic beauty. The town was one of the earliest resort towns in NH. Today our economy is driven by the same factors the early settlers depended on - the woods and the lake.

In the early 1800’s, while the town was still growing, Moultonborough had one meetinghouse, nine school-houses, two taverns, one store, five sawmills, five grain mills, one cloth mill, one bark mill, one carding machine and one tannery. Moultonborough Falls (on Route 25) was also a center of trade and could boast three stores, two hotels, a tannery, a currier’s shop, a blacksmith, a gristmill, sawmill, carding and fulling mill, sleigh and carriage maker, saddle and harness maker, a printing office and shoe shop.

Our town has certainly changed and grown. We are proud of our heritage and hope you will visit our Museum and learn more about our history.


Come to a Meeting

Meetings are free and open to the public and generally held on the second Monday of each month. Programs feature topics of interest about Moultonborough and the Lakes Region. Please look for notices of meetings in the Meredith News.

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